Cody 2020

CODY 2020 COMMUNITY VALUES - {Final Report}

It is with great pleasure that the Cody 2020 committee presents the updated Community Values Statements and final report. These documents are meant as tools for your use as you plan for the future. This final report and values statements are an update of the Vision 2007 community effort to create goals for community planning, and are meant to live until 2020. We anticipate that community leaders, local government and economic development organizations will keep it alive until the time comes to update it again. We would also hope that every business owner and Cody Country-ite will make sure this document is utilized and kept in the forefront of every planning effort.

The City of Cody fully supports the Cody 2020 committee and the results of the work they have accomplished over the course of the last year with the great outpouring of participation from Cody Country. The City will be utilizing these statements, survey results and subsequent comments in their upcoming Master Plan update. You will see the Community Value Statements posted on the walls of the City Council Chambers as a reminder to us all!

Please note: You can find the complete Cody 2020 - Survey II Responses and Comments on the City of Cody website, {click here} Open the "Cody 2020" link on the left side of the home page. Be aware the file is very large (2,500+ pages!), and may be hard to download unless you have high speed internet. If you have any problems with this download, please feel free to contact the City Planner {email us} for assistance.

Thank you again for your support! We are very excited about the future and how we can use these tools to keep Cody thriving.

  Cody 2020 Community Values Final Report