Cody is a world class tourism destination.


Photo Courtesy of: Big Idea Advertising

Combine the fact that Yellowstone National Park is literally at our back door with the history, culture, activities, attractions and events in Buffalo Bill’s Yellowstone Country, and it’s easy to see why Cody is a world class tourism destination.

With the volume of guests that visit annually, Cody delivers the hospitality, infrastructure, cultural and retail diversity of a community of several hundred thousand.

Agriculture remains a primary player in our western culture. Cattle ranching and crop production (hay, sugar beets, beans and malt barley) on irrigated farms contribute to the economic and social fiber of Park County.

Oil & gas production play a crucial role in the area economy, generating 65% of Park County’s tax base.

Our light manufacturing base has grown to include agricultural products, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, novelties and a burgeoning western design industry—furniture, saddle making and leather good, metal craft. It’s safe to say that Cody is the center of western design.

Public lands are critical to Cody’s well-being with more than 82% of the county managed by the Shoshone National Forest, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Many businesses depend on strong partnerships with our federal partners.