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Conducting business in Cody is very easy with its many business support services and our “business friendly” City and County governments. Business regulations are minimal and the free enterprise system is allowed to operate as it was intended.

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Wyoming Business Council - State Economic Development Organization

To help businesses succeed, Wyoming prides itself on tax rates that are among the lowest in the nation.

- No Corporate Income Tax
- No Personal Income Tax
- No Inventory Tax
- No Franchise Tax
- No Business License Required
- Low Property Taxes
- Favorable Incorporation Laws

With an abundance of electricity, natural gas and domestic fresh water being supplied to Cody and the surrounding area, utility costs are among the lowest in the region. Cody is also keeping pace with the ever-changing technologies associated with telecommunications and high speed access to the information super highway.

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The Yellowstone Regional Airport easily accommodates modern aircraft from props to jets. Commercial air service connects Cody to Denver and Salt Lake City, and we have first class FBO and air charter service.

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Excellent shipping and trucking services are available and Cody is home to the most modern UPS facility in Wyoming. Our highways are rated as the best in the nation and traffic counts are so low that most secondary highways can move as much traffic as any interstate.

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