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Cody, Wyoming is located in the northwest quadrant of Wyoming, just 52 miles east of Yellowstone Park. Positioned at the intersection of U.S. Highway 14-16-20 and WYO Highway 120, Cody is easily accessible by vehicle from every direction.

With Cody as a hub, each of the scenic drive loops offers diverse wildlife, mountain vistas, unique rock formations, sparkling streams, vast rangeland, manicured farmlands, and some of the friendliest people on earth.

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Scenic Drives


Route is marked in green. All Day Trip

US Highway 14-16-40, the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway follows the North Fork of the Shoshone River through the scenic Wapiti Valley to the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Once inside the Park enjoy is natural wonders as you make your way to Yellowstone's Northwest Entrance. Upon leaving the Northeast Entrance US Highway 212 connects the historic gold-mining towns of Silver Gate and Cooke City.

From Cooke City travel the Beartooth All-American Road as you trace the route taken by Chief Joseph and the Nez Perece Indians as they fled the US Army. Thirteen miles past Cooke City leave US 212 and follow Wyoming Highway 296 - the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. You will pass through the Clark's Fork valley area, past Sunlight Basin to the top of Dead Indian Pass which offers dramatic vistas of the Clarks Fork Canyon and Sunlight Basin. At the junction of Highway 296 and Wyoming 120 turn south and return to Cody.

Elevations to nearly 9000 feet. Fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities. Fantastic trout streams and rivers along the entire route.

Visit the Cooke City Chamber of Commerce for more information.



Route is marked in yellow. Half to All Day

Wyoming Highway 120 leads north from Cody 16 miles to the junction with the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Wyoming 296. Wind your way to the top of Dead Indian Hill to the summit overlook for a spectacular view of Sunlight Basin, the North Absaroka Wilderness, the Clark's Fork Canyon and the Beartooth Plateau.

Continuing on Wyoming 296, Pilot and Index Peaks dominate the view to the west at you near the junction with US 212. A turn right on US 212 put you on the Beartooth All-American Road, one of the most spectacular National Forest routes on this continent. To many it's known as "the most beautiful highway in America".

Staying on US 212 to Red Lodge, Montana will take allow glimpses of lofty peaks, emerald valleys and sparkling high mountain lakes. Most of the lakes on your route have brook trout and some have Rocky Mountain grayling, rainbow, brown, cutthroat or golden trout. Hiking opportunities are limitless, and wildlife viewing and photographing opportunities abound.

Beartooth Pass, the highest motor crossing in Wyoming, reaches an elevation of 10,947 feet. The spectacle of Rock Creek Canyon unfolds as you weave along the pass toward Red Lodge, Montana. Enjoy a stop in Red Lodge, a historic mining town, now a ranching recreation center.

Continue the loop back to Cody by turning east at Red Lodge onto Montana 308 and proceed through Bear Creek to Belfry, Montana. At Belfry turn south on Montana 73 which becomes Wyoming 120 at the state line. Follow the base of the Beartooth Mountains past the Clark's Fork Canyon and proceed into Cody.

Elevations to 11,000 feet.

Visit Red Lodge, Montana for more information.



Route is marked in blue. All Day Trip

Follow Wyoming Highway 120 south through 30 miles of broken range and badlands to Meeteetse, Wyoming, a town that has maintained its early day character and charm. Turn southwest on Wyoming 290 for a sidetrip up the Wood River Valley, watching for moose and elk along the way, or continue up the Greybull River to the Jack Creek Trailhead. Both of these sidetrips provide excellent opportunities for trout fishing.

To continue the main loop travel south on Wyoming 120 to Thermopolis, Wyoming, home of the world's largest free flowing hot springs. Hot Springs State Park offers mineral hot pools and bath house.Plan to visit both The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Dig Sites while in Thermopolis. From Thermopolis US 20 north takes you through the rich farm and ranch land of the Bighorn River Valley to Worland, Wyoming. From Worland travel US 16 east to Ten Sleep at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. At Ten Sleep turn north on the Nowood Road, skirting the base of the Bighorn Mountain to join Wyoming 31. Turn west on Wyoming 31 to Manderson, and the north on US 16-20 following the Bighorn River through the small town of Basin to Greybull, and finish your loop returning to Cody.

There is little increase in elevation. Watch for bald eagles, pronghorn, mule deer, and small mammals along this route. Excellent trout fishing opportunities along the way.


Route is marked in purple. Half Day Trip

Wyoming 291 begins from the Yellowstone Highway 1 1/2 miles west of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. The highway skirts Cedar Mountain and continues toward the Buffalo Bill reservoir. The route travels through the scenic valley of the South Fork of the Shoshone River, passing the prominent Castle Rock. The rugged pyramids of the Washakie Wilderness tower over the the valley floor, where working ranches carry on the old traditions The highway continues 49 miles where it dead-ends at the head of South Fork Valley. Dude ranching had its origin here in 1915 at Valley Ranch, and the historic one room Valley School remains in operation today.

The upper South Fork is the wintering ground for one of the largest herds of bighorn sheep in America, is home to herds of pronghorn antelope, elk, and deer as well. Recent sightings of both grizzly bear and wolves make this drive an exceptional wildlife view option. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the Deer Creek campground near the end of the South Fork road. Several public access locations provide opportunities to fish the South Fork River, but be careful to stay on public land while hiking and fishing! A full gas tank is a must as no services are available along this remote dead-end road.

Elevation to 6500 feet. Excellent wildlife viewing and trout fishing opportunities.


Route is marked in orange. All Day Trip

US Alternate 14 wanders northeast through irrigated farmland, the product of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir irrigation project, to the town of Powell, Wyoming, the agricultural hub of northwestern Wyoming and home of Northwest College. Alternate 14 continues to the town of Lovell and across the head of Bighorn Lake.

Stop just out of Lovell at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Visitor Center for area information and interpretation. Beyond the visitor center turning north on Wyoming 37 provides an opportunity for wild horse viewing on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, home to more that 120 free roaming wild horses. Devils Canyon Overlook, 17 miles from the turnoff gives a spectacular view of the Bighorn Lake that provides the area with fishing, boating, water-skiing, camping and hiking opportunities.

Back on Highway 14A head to Burgess Junction. Halfway between Bighorn Lake and the juction a three mile road accesses the Medicine Wheel, a mysterious 74 foot stone circle with 28 spokes. Some think the wheel had religious or astronomical implications to ancient North American Indian Tribes.

At Burgess Junction turn south onto US 14 and wind down the spectacular Shell Canyon, through Shell to the town of Greybull. Be sure to stop at Shell Falls, where Shell Creek cascades down a steep pitch of granite. Continue on US Highway 14-16-20 to Cody. This approach to Cody offers a view of the Absaroka's jagged ridges to the west, and of Heart Mountain to the north.

Elevations to 10,000 feet, and a steep grade up US 14 to Burgess Junction. Trout fishing opportunities available.




Area Tours

Historical tours, wildlife photo safaris, day-long excursions to the world-apart wonders of Yellowstone National Park, bird watching, wild horses, Indian rock art, ranch tours—Cody’s growing number of special interest tours will match your interests with your pocketbook.

When you're flying 3,000 ft. off the ground in our open cockpit aircraft, you really will be "Where Eagles Fly"! You came here to see it all, so let us give you an experience to FLY FOR!  All our flights are instructional and can be logged, We cater to the bold and not so bold!  100% safety record, Experienced FAA certified flight instructor, Over 1,000 hrs. flying weight shift aircraft and 20+ years.  Operating 7 days a week sunrise to sunset, all flights are weather permitting.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West tells the unique stories of the history, nature, and culture of the American West and offers guests the chance to explore them through world-class exhibits, engaging programs, and special “western experiences” for groups.

With special tours and more—hands-on art workshops, day hikes in the surrounding landscape, or special staff presentations—these Western Experiences enhance any visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and showcase the history, nature, and culture that make Cody Country a premier destination in the West.

For more information on these and other unique Western Experiences, contact Debra Elwood at 307.578.4114 or, or visit


Cody's full service fixed base operator (FBO).  Experience Yellowstone/Cody Country by air.  Scenic flights, aircraft rental, and charter services throughout the region offered.  Located at Yellowstone Regional Airport. Call 307-587-9262 for reservations and pricing.


Cody Trolley Tours utilizes two live narrators, poster-sized historical photos, pass-around relics and entertaining audio clips to share the story of world-famous William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody while we spotlight historical sites, scenic vistas, geology, wildlife and old and new west attractions. Our 60-minute, 22-mile tour is performed while you ride in the cozy oak interior of our festive red & green trolley. A Cody Trolley tour is the best and fastest way to gain an overview of all that Cody, Wyoming has to offer. Give us an hour and we'll give you 100 years!


Experience Yellowstone offers informative guided natural history tours departing daily from Cody, Wyoming.  These exciting tours emphasize nature photography, ecology, wildlife viewing, and geology. Individuals, couples, families, and friends are welcome. Tours run 6am to 6pm May through October.
(307) 272-6671

Offering scenic boat tours in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.  Fishing charters also available.  Visit their website to book your tour.

All day personalized guided historical tours of Yellowstone National Park and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area. Includes lunch and transportation from Cody, Wyoming. Historical reference photos of the various areas will be on hand.


Tours are available to visitors of the Cody, Wyoming area with Phidippides (also known as Cody Shuttle). Our service area includes Yellowstone National Park, northern Wyoming and southern Montana. Please contact us to receive a quotation for your customized tour. (307) 212-5900


The McCullough Peaks wild horse heard is estimated at approximately 100 and roams freely on 110,00 acres of Wyoming's rugged landscape. During this 2 hour, 22 mile tour you have the opportunity to view Wild Horses, Pronghorn Antelope, Golden Eagles, Coyotes, and Prairie Dogs. Transportation is provided in an air conditioned van, binoculars are furnished for each guest, and all guides are knowledgeable and dedicated to proving an enjoyable and educational experience. (800) 293-0148, (307) 587-6988.


Drive a new, custom Jeep Wrangler Sport or Rubicon: 3'' suspension lifts, 33''-35'' off road tires, custom bumper, automatic transmission, air conditioning. Ask about the availability of our guided trips. We provide 'tag along trips' where you drive and follow us. our presence ensures assistance if needed. Rent a Rocky Mountain Backroads Adventure Jeep, ride with our guide, or bring your own.  Located at 754 Yellowstone Avenue. Call (307) 254-1438 for information.


Tour Yellowstone, has a host of guides, drivers, and lecturers to provide the experience of a lifetime for adults, children and seniors. Guides are licensed in hiking, fishing, photography, natural history and transportation. These experienced colleagues have lived in the Yellowstone region for many years, and they delight in sharing the excitement they feel for this national treasure. They will show you the Yellowstone Country you've always wanted to see. Full-day, half-day, and multiple day custom tours of Yellowstone National Park, its surrounding ecosystem, and other unique Wyoming locations, await you.


At Yellowstone Wildlife and Photo Tours, we offer several professionally guided tours of Yellowstone,and the Greater Yellowstone area!  On our tours, you can choose from: the upper loop of Yellowstone National Park, the Lower Loop of Yellowstone National Park, a Yellowstone Wildlife Photo Tour, or The Cody Wyoming and Greater Yellowstone Area Photo Tours (includes the Chief Joseph Scienic Byway). (800) 293-0148, (307) 587-6988.


Private guided tours of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park with former Park Ranger Gregory Muller. Fully customizable options for the tour you want! Tours of these beautiful parks are presented by Gregory Muller. He has worked more than 20 years as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service and has been giving tours since 1985. Come spend the day with him, and you can be sure his tours will be a highlight of your vacation. (307) 699-0495