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Cody Bucks

Give the Gift of Buying Local

Cody Bucks are the Chamber of Commerce local gift certificate program.  Designed to give the user freedom to redeem at any Cody merchant, they make perfect gifts and work incentives.

Cody Bucks work just like a pre-paid check.  Merchants: have the customer sign and print their name, and phone number before depositing Cody Bucks in your bank like you would a personal check from your customer.  Cody Bucks come in $10, $20 and $50 increments and are purchased at the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce at face value-eliminating any service fee to the purchaser.

Please allow for a minimum process time of 24 hours for orders over $500 and 48 hours for orders over $1000.  Please call ahead if you know you'll need large quantities!

If you have been gifted with Cody Bucks, please use them within 6 months of the stamped date of issue. Cody Bucks are meant to be spent at any local business, not just chamber member businesses.  The money spent remains in our town and feeds our local economy.

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